Jonnie Boer

"Gin & Jonnie" Oysters with Joselito Lardo

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For Sweet-and-Sour Marinade:

Vinegar 100ML


Water 100ML


Sugar 100G


Red Pepper 1 Unit


For Gin Cream:

Gin 4ML


Egg whites 45G


Sushi vinegar 20G


Vinegar 20 ML


Yuzu juice 5G


Sunflower Oil 250ML


Yoghurt 40G


For Cucumber Gin Juice:



Sushi Vinegar



For Gin Cream:

1. Mix all the ingredients except the oil in the blender.

2. Add the oil drop by drop so that it makes a homogeneous mixture.

3. Season to taste with salt and lime juice. 



For Cucumber Gin Juice:

1. Juice the cucumber in the juice extractor.

2. Season the juice to taste with salt, pepper and sushi vinegar.

3. Add the Gin and thicken lightly with Xantan Gum. 



For Cucumber:

1. Cook all the ingredients for the sweet-and-sour marinade. Let cool. 

2. Cut Cucumber into strips.

3. Marinate the cucumber strips in the sweet-and-sour marinade. 



For Oysgters:

1. Open the oysters with an oyster knife.

2. Shuck the oyster and remove the adductor muscle. 

3. Return the oyster to its shell. 



For Joselito Lardo:

1. Chop the Joselito lardo into Small cubes.

2. Warm the Joselito Lardo slightly.