Savoury steamed egg custard with truffle aroma

Seiji Yamamoto

Savoury steamed egg custard with truffle aroma

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Meat sauce

-Iberian swine meat 100g
-Ventresca 100g
-Bonito kelp  soup
-Arrowroot flour

Smoked cream potatoes

-Stir-fried onions
-Raw ham soup

Savoury steamed egg custard

-Bonito kelp  soup
-Light soy sauce

Black  truffles

Cured ham tenderloin (finely  chopped)



1. Cut the Iberian swine meat and  ventresca into 5mm  chunks, and  sauté in a skillet. Season with salt and  pepper, and  add  the bonito kelp  soup. Coat thickly with arrowroot flour to make a meat paste.

2. Steam and  slice  the pota toes, and  then smoke with apple chips. Put the potatoes, fried onions, and  ra w ham soup in a mixer, and  crea te a cream. Season, and  then place  in a culinary foam  siphon for heating.

3. Fill a bowl about half-way with the savoury steamed egg custard.

4.  Place the meat paste, cured ham tenderloin, and  creamed potatoes on the savoury steamed egg  custard, and  then garnish with the chopped black  truffles.