Piping hot teppan pork shoulder

Seiji Yamamoto

Piping hot teppan pork shoulder "sukiyaki" with matsutake mushrooms

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Pork shoulder

Matsutake mushrooms

Grilled tofu

-Sukiyaki stock

Shirataki (noodles made from konnyaku)
-Iberian ham
-Sukiyaki stock

Non-astringent vegetables

-Chinese yams

Sukiyaki stock
-Kelp  soup  200g
-Dark soy sauce 50g
-Mirin 50g
-Japanese saké 50g
-Sugar 25g


-Egg yolk



1. Cook the grilled tofu in the sukiyaki stock.

2. Sauté the shirata ki together with the Iberian ham, and  sea son  with the sukiyaki stock.

3. Put the matsutake mushrooms to one side.

4. Cut the non-astringent vegetables into suitable sizes  and, while  keeping the Chinese yams ra w,  steam the pumpkin, and   sauté the zucchini without breading or batter.

5. Separate the egg  into its  white and   yolk,  beat the  white, and   heat through gently. Place the yolk and  meringue in a bowl.

6. Knead the pork  shoulder, and  sauté to a cooked colour one side only  in a skillet.

7. Slice  the pork  shoulder using a kitchen knife.

8. Serve the  pork   shoulder,  grilled  tofu,  shirata ki,  and   non -astringent vegetables on a plate heated to 250ºC.

9. Pour over the sukiyaki sauce in front of your guests to finish.