Piccata of Joselito pork & crawfish with masala tandoori

Joachim Wissler

Piccata of Joselito pork & crawfish with masala tandoori

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200 gr Joselito pork loin thinly sliced to 1 cm in strips


16 shelled crawfish cooked until glazed


2 eggs


150 gr pepper-almond cream seasoned with masala tandoori


200 ml vine-ripened tomato sauce


80 gr green bean seeds


30 gr finely grated Reggiano Parmesano




Mumbai curry, salt, lemons, white pepper from the mill



Fill semi-spherical tins with pepper cream and freeze Dunk the frozen semi-spheres once in heated red pepper sauce mixed with vegetarian gelatin. Place each of the coated semi-spheres on a plate and warm if needed.


Make a dough out of egg, Parmesan, a little lemon juice and curry. Season the pork cutlets with salt and pepper and cover with flour. Pull through the egg-Parmesan mass and bake thoroughly in clarified butter with thyme on each side for 30 seconds until golden yellow.


Warm the crawfish.


Place the piccata near the warm masala tandoori spheres and arrange the crawfish on top. Sprinkle glazed bean seeds round about and pour on the vine-ripened tomato sauce.