Pacetta lard & kernel oil with toast and salchichón

Joachim Wissler

Pacetta lard & kernel oil with toast and salchichón

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150 gr melted pancetta lard


30 ml Styrian pumpkin seed oil


15 gr roasted pumpkin seeds


8 slices Joselito salchichón


4 slices pickled Spreewald garden cucumber


4 razor-thin slices home-baked sourdough bread


Seasonal herbs or blossoms


Black pepper from the mill, sea salt, finely sliced chives


Bake the sourdough bread slices until crispy in 2 table spoons pancetta lard in a pan at low heat. Next, let it drip dry on a kitchen crepe.


Beat the remaining pancetta fat in a kitchen blender until creamy and fluffy, and carefully pour in the pumpkin seed oil. Let the lard cool in the refrigerator for 30 min. Next, add the finely sliced chive and the roasted pumpkin seeds,

cut into sticks under the fat.


Arrange the fat on the crispy bread slices with a spoon and place the Joselito salchichón on top in fine slices. Make little rolls from the cucumber slices and place them on the lard bread.


Sprinkle the lard bread with chives and pumpkin seed sticks and top it off with a borage flowers.