Seiji Yamamoto

"Iberian sirloin" and Hokkaido "raw sea urchin" light fritters wrapped in rice paper and perilla Served with puréed Manganji peppers and green soy beans

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-Thinly-sliced Iberian sirloin
-Sea urchin 50g
-Blue  perilla leaves x4
-A suitable amount of Iberian ham
-Mesh  rice paper x2

Chopped Iberian ham

Fried onion  powder

Puréed red Manganji pepper

Red perilla buds

Leek  flowers



Puréed coarsely-crushed green beans (mashed boiled  green soy beans)



1. Sear and  then purée the peeled red Manganji peppers, and  season with salt and  light soy sauce.

2. Boil and  then coarsely crush the green soy  beans, and  sea son  with salt and  light soy sauce.
3. Thinly slice  the sirloin, and  add salt and  pepper.

4. Place the chopped Iberian ham on the sirloin.

5. Place the blue  perilla leaves on top.

6. Further place  the sea  urchin on top, and  roll the sirloin.

7. Wrap the sirloin in mesh rice paper.

8. Fry the fritters for 90s at 200ºC in rice oil.

9. Carve after frying.

10. Serve the  fritters,  puréed  red Manganji peppers,  puréed  green  soy beans, fried onion  powder, chopped Iberian ham, red perilla buds, and leek  flowers on a plate.