Crispy Joselito Waffle

Jonnie Boer

Crispy Joselito Waffle

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For Crispy Joselito Waffle of pork skin Joselito Ham cream:


Water 1L


Tapioca Flour 300G.


Pork Rinds 500G. 


Salt 15G.



For Joselito Ham Cream:

Pure Joselito Ham 100G.


Unsweetened cream 160G


Pork stock 50ML.



For Pepper Cream:

Sunflower Oil 1L.


Allspice 200G. 


Egg whites 100G


Yoghurt 100G


Allspice Oil 400ML


Lemon juice



For Crispy Joselito Waffle of pork skin Joselito Ham Cream:

1. Mix the water, Tapioca flour and salt in the thermal blender and blend at 100 degress until the mixture is clear. 
2. Add the pork rinds and blend until smooth. 
3. Bake: pour bits of the dough onto the waffle iron to the desired size. 
4. If using a waffle iron, put on the highest setting and bake for +/- 4 minutes. 



For Joselito Ham Cream:

1. Mix all the ingredients and place in the pacojet beaker. 

2. Freeze solid and pacotize 4 times (refreeze after each time). 



For Pepper Cream:

Preparation of the oil:


1. Heat the allspice and then pour the oil over it and let it steep.

2. Then strain through a nylon strainer.


Preparation of the cream:


1. Mix the egg whites and yoghurt, stir in the allspice oil until it is nice and creamy.

2. Season to taste with lemon juice and salt.