Chilled tea noddles Joselito

Seiji Yamamoto

Chilled tea noddles Joselito

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Tea noodles (from Kagawa Prefecture)

Leek  oil soy sauce

-White leeks (finely  chopped)
-Peanut oil
-Lard (cut into strips 4cm x 5mm  x 5mm)


-Leek  oil soy sauce
-Chorizo (finely  chopped)
-Coriander (finely  chopped)

Roast Iberian swine meat

-Iberian swine meat
-Bonito kelp  soup
-Honey soy sauce


Green soy beans

Citron shichimi (7 spices)


-Bonito kelp  soup
-Iberian ham



1. Boil the green soy beans, remove from the pot, and  shell.

2. Knead the swine meat, and  sauté for approx. 1 hour in  the bonito kelp soup  together with granulated sugar, dark soy  sauce, saké, garlic, and ginger. Remove  the cooked swine meat, roll in the honey soy sauce, sauté the surface in a skillet, and  remove.

3. Mix the oyster sauce and  dark soy sauce with the finely -chopped white leeks. Pour over the lard and  peanut oil heated to 230ºC to make leek  oil soy sauce.

4. Mix  the look  oil  soy  sauce,finely-chopped  chorizo, and   finely-chopped coriander.
5. Boil the tea noodles, chill  using cold  water, drain the water, and  dress with (3).

6. Alternately later the roa st pork  and  tea noodles on a plate, and  arrange with the green soy  beans, coriander leaves, and  finely -chopped chorizo. Garnish with citron shichimi.

7. Add  the chorizo  to the ra w ham soup,  drain the soup,  and   serve the strained soup  alongside while  piping hot.