Joselito abanico pulled pork steam bun

Joachim Wissler

Joselito abanico pulled pork steam bun

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350 gr leavened dough

350 gr abanico pulled fine, confite soft for 24 hours

150 gr fine shallot cubes

40 gr fresh ginger

30 gr pickled sushi ginger

10 gr satey spices

50 ml mild soy sauce

35 ml tangerine vinegar

3 organic lemons peeled and juiced

Salt, cayenne pepper, tabasco, yuzu pon juice, sesame oil

Red pepper, gold foil


Steam the shallot cubes in sesame oil at a mild temperature in a pot until they are soft and amber-coloured. Add the soy sauce and all other ingredients except the leavened dough. Steam the pulled pork mass a little bit more and season with salt, cayenne pepper, tabasco and yuzu pon sauce. Let the mass cool, and shape into round balls of about 20 gr and cool.

Roll the leavened dough out to a thickness of 2 cm, and cut out 7 cm circles. Place each ball of Joselito pulled pork steam bun mass on the batter circle and wrap the batter around the mass. Roll balls of leavened dough with the palm of the hand and dip in blue poppy seed. Let the bun balls rise c. 20 min at room temperature and cook at 97ºC steam in the convection oven for 7 min.

Arrange the finished buns on the soy gel and finish off with red pepper and gold foil. Serve immediately in the steam basket.