A delicious Christmas break

A delicious Christmas break


Christmas meals are really enjoyable due to the people who surround the table and the variety (and quantity) of dishes that we are going to palate. After a week full of meal a little bit too much copious, there still remains The Three Wise Men banquet in order to complete this yearly gastronomic marathon. This is the reason why we are offering you a recipe that will give your diet a break, apart from an amazing flavor: the Joselito salad.

A mixture of different types of lettuce will provide us a basis for this nutritious, healthy and light recipe that we are going to season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. This could a recipe for a usual salad. But when we are adding the Max Alajmo touch the result changes and it is simply amazing.


The secret dressing of this unique starter is a clam sauce. We will start cleaning the mollusks and we will leave them covered in water and salt inside the fridge. Afterwards, we will set the oven at a 100ºC in order to get the clams opened. Once they are opened, we will prepare a cream with their meat, water and extra virgin olive oil and then freeze it. Immediately after, we will season it will salt and lemon, while emulsifying it with olive oil and we will sprinkle it with some bergamot. In order to make this delicacy deliciously unbeatable, it just remains to add the star ingredients: Joselito chorizo slices and Joselito Iberian ham slices.


Now, we need to prepare a presentation worthy of this creation: we will serve the salad in a cold porringer and we will sprinkle it with buttons of the clam cream and toasted bread. This is a dish full of health and flavor that will allow you to enjoy without restrictions in the middle of Christmas banquets.