Do you dare to break tradition with the best of Italy and Spain?

Do you dare to break tradition with the best of Italy and Spain?


Year after year, tradition says that the menu of Christmas parties should always be the same or with few variations. But what if this year we give a twist to your main dish? In Joselito, we suggest you an Italian delicacy with the most Iberian flavor: piedmont minced beef with Joselito panceta and incense .

This recipe, created by one of the best chefs in Italy and in the world, Massimiliano Alajmo  for Joselito LAB, gives excellent taste results with no effort. We will begin cooking the Joselito panceta, which has been packed with dill, rosemary, tarragon and thyme. After cooking it for two hours at a 100ºC in the oven, we are going to separate the liquid and herbs from the lean part in order to store it and using it further on. This part will provide a smooth flavor and character , typically Iberian . A delight for virtually all senses: smell , taste and texture.


Moreover, we are going to season the minced beef meat, which should have been previously shred. We will sprinkle salt, sugar, pepper and incense over it and we will mix it with lemon, sparkling water, mustard with tarragon, Dijon mustard, chive, extra virgin soft olive oil, smoked oil and we will add to it the Joselito pancetta lean part that we have previously cooked. By doing so, we will get a juicy texture but at the same time it will allow us to manipulate it and mould it as we best consider it. Therefore, we recommend to cold this mixture in order to create further small portions. When serving this dish, we will provide a side dish that should consist of mixed types of lettuce, which should have been seasoned with extra virgin soft olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar and incense.


A creation of such characteristics deserves a presentation that enhances it. In our LAB you can find the result of such incredible recipe. This suggestion undoubtedly makes worth it to break tradition.