Street food, the gourmet fast food

Street food, the gourmet fast food


A gastronomic trend that has arisen during the last months is the street food concept. This type of food is freshly prepared, it is directly sold on the street and, usually, it is delivered from trucks or vans, for which motive it is also known as truck food. A reason why these business are mushrooming is provided by the worldwide acknowledged Peruvian chef Gastón  Acurio: “This kind of business are a great opportunity for young chefs who are beginning their career and are able to offer excellent dishes for a much lower price than the one the consumer might pay at a restaurant, a strategy that helps them to become widely known among the general public”.


This kind of “fast restaurants” has its roots on the traditional wagons in which the vendor wandered the streets in order to sell his or her products. In fact, this system was already used in Ancient Greece, since not many households could afford to have a kitchen. Since then, street food has evolved into nowadays concept: high-tech equipped automobiles, ready to prepare quality and authentic food, at an affordable price in a very chilled environment. Additionally, when consuming in this kind of businesses one is able to taste a sample of the cookery of that particular area, due to their specialization on local recipes.


The gastronomic space Joselito’s, in Madrid, is based on a concept quite related to the street food one. The service on this gastronomic space is personalized and the offer is based on maximum quality Joselito Iberian products. The menu offers tapas and traditional recipes prepared by specialized professionals and a maestro cortador (“ham-cutting master”, in Spanish): a prepared team ready to cook haute cuisine dishes for the demanding palates within the general public.