Slice well your Smartphone: technology on your plate

Slice well your Smartphone: technology on your plate


Aside from dinnerware, it is clear that you will need a smartphone when dining. Smart technology increasingly influences how we eat. Innovation in the kitchen comes from the oven, just like the innovation that takes place in Joselito Lab, to be promulgated through the dining room of the restaurant.

We can already see establishments that do not have waiters to take your order, but that instead have only one table where clients choose their meal and can pay right there, through contactless cards. For those who prefer human contact, there are hundreds of apps that alternative restaurants can provide us, through personalized recommendations for each user, such as Yelp! or Chefs Feed (in which renowned chefs display their preferences for local restaurants.)

Smart technology also sneaks into your house as apps providing recipes, such as "How to cook everything"; an app that organizes your shopping list for you; and apps that tell you which wine goes better, for example, with Joselito Ham (Hello Vino). And also, now your phone will tell you if you can eat those apples you bought earlier in the week without making your palate suffer: Scientists at Tufts University (USA) have created sensors made with silk and gold paper, both edible, that can stick to food. Through a reader like a Smartphone, the sensor will indicate whether the product is edible or not. It is a sort of digital "draft", as explained, necessary to determine the quality of an acorn-fed Joselito Ham.


Indeed, the Mobile World Congress took place last week in Barcelona, where smart devices and their news and functions were the main focus. In a setting like this, we could not miss the smart touch in the food world, which comes now in the form of apps to order food. To avoid long lines that are always present at gastronomic hot-spots, the Congress’s app allows you to order your food in advance and pick it up at the appointed time. One way to save time and use it to attend more events.


How could it be otherwise? Joselito also made its contribution to this global convention by serving cuts of the best ham in the world to the delegates who were in the T1 of the Aeropuerto del Prat (Prat Airport).