Small bites full of wittiness

Small bites full of wittiness


Christmas means to spend time with your family. But it also means to think about menus to prepare for a large group of guests. At Joselito, we would like to provide you with creative and delicious ideas in order to fulfil the dish list that your guests are going to be delighted with during these days.


Abundant meals are common during these days. Therefore, we suggest you a light appetizer to surprise your dinner guest: light steamed sandwich filled with amatriciana Joselito. This recipe, which has been created by the Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo exclusively for Joselito LAB, is perfect when offering some irresistible bites as appetizers.


The basis of this appetizer is the amatriciana sauce, which will provide flavor to the coating dough. This typical Italian sauce contains white onion, natural tomato purée and extra virgin olive oil. And there is the ingredient that makes it unique and special: Papada Joselito. While we are cooking all the ingredients in a pan at a low temperature, we will spice it up with chili pepper and salt, in order to create flavorful mouthfuls. Afterwards, these strong aromas will be attenuated with a sugar spoonful that we are also going to add in order to balance tomato acidity.


This dish has high personal touch, since the bread dough will be also artisan baked and shaped as round candy pills. Each small piece will be a small whim filled with sauce, which should be introduced with a cooking syringe. In order to provide the appetizer with a truly Joselito touch, we are going to coat each small piece of bread with a fine slice of Joselito papada and sprinkle it with some powdered Sarawak pepper.


With this snack your guests’ admiration is guaranteed: a mixture of the best of the Italian and Spanish gastronomy that never disappoints.