Notes on Creativity

Notes on Creativity


Ferran Adrià is not only a chef, but an artist as well. The creative process of his dishes comes before everything else, and for the first time, you can now see his culinary drawings. The Drawing Center New York, the only center in the United States focused exclusively on the exhibition of historical and contemporary drawings, hosts an exhibition of this chef’s drawings until February 28th.


Titled "Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity," the exhibition shows to the public the creative process of the founder of ElBulli through his drawings, notes, and photographs taken at the Montjoi Cove restaurant during its years of operation.


This exhibition traces the innovative intellectual and philosophical ideas that Adrià has on cuisine that have changed the way we understand food forever. These ideas are presented as wall graphics, framed pictures, and ephemeral materials associated with them. A giant cube displays images on a large scale of the ElBulli kitchen. All around, a number of showcases present a selection of books and sketches about creating menus, taxonomies of products and personal notes, architectural sketches of the headquarters of ElBulli Foundation, reproduction of plasticine plates, and drawings of prototypes of various utensils used in the kitchen.


Parallel to the exhibition, several activities have been organized, among which is the showing of Documenting Documenta, a documentary about the participation of the Catalan chef in Dokumenta12 and the premiere of the film 1846, which shows pictures of each dish Adrià served at elBulli and that was produced by the Drawing Center.


"It would be magical to go to New York, see this exhibition, and then catch a train to Boston and see the other one, because they are two different ways of understanding elBulli,”  said Ferran Adrià. In fact, these two ways of understanding the famous restaurant will combine at the major exhibition that will open in Madrid next October. This is a preview of the highly anticipated opening of Bullifoundation.


For Ferran Adrià, this exhibition allows him to stop having to analyze himself and make way for others to explain, from the outside, how they see his work. This is a piece of feedback that, according to Adrià, will be applied to the elBulli 1846 and to Bullifoundation.

In Joselito We are proud to have had Adrià as the protagonist of the first edicción of JoselitoLAB , since his talent attached to tradition and excellence of Joselito , has allowed to create great recipes . Some recipes with the genius of the Catalan chef , have achieved the status of delicious culinary gems .