No more oil dispensers on restaurant tables

No more oil dispensers on restaurant tables


Restaurants are about to wave goodbye to traditional oil dispensers. A few weeks ago, new regulations came into effect, driven forward by the European Commission and approved by the Spanish Ministers’ Council, which mean that various restaurants and catering businesses will have to use non-reusable olive oil containers with appropriate labels.

In line with this rule, therefore, oil laid out to be used by customers must be served in labelled containers featuring an opening system which breaks down after the first use and have a protective feature meaning they cannot be refilled once their original content is used up.

Although this practice was due to be established from the 1st of January this year, the new law allows for the possibility that bars and restaurants may continue to provide customers with olive and olive-pomace oil purchased before this law came into effect, until the 28th of February 2014.

This regulation forms part of the European Union action plan for the olive oil sector which lays out a series of measures designed to improve competitiveness in the sector. In addition to withdrawing oil dispensers, one of the most-requested measures by producers in order to preserve high quality of olive oils and prevent attempts to scam consumers involves boosting scientific research in order to detect "illegal practices" which are currently very difficult to expose.

Futhermore, the prohibition of mixing vegetable oils is also being requested, since there are no absolutely accurate scientific analyses available to precisely determine the quantity of each type of oil mixed.

We, at Joselito, support this measure faced to ensure the best quality and offer one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. In fact, olive oil shares many nutritional qualities due to the high content of both fatty acids like omega 3. This component helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in our body , so that you get to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease .