Massimiliano Alajmo assumes the main role in Joselito LAB’s second edition

Massimiliano Alajmo assumes the main role in Joselito LAB’s second edition


Excellence always keeps companies with quality and exquisiteness. A nice demonstration took place yesterday’s nigh at the restaurant Le Calandre (Padua, Italy), the venue chosen by Joselito for presenting its collaboration with one of the best chefs in the world: Massimiliano Alajmo. He is a known figure of the Italian gastronomy and the youngest chef ever (with 28 years old) to be awarded with three stars conferred by the Michelin Guide.


Within the context of the Joselito LAB project, Alajmo has created 23 recipes that clearly show the creativity and brilliance of such a cuisine master. It is not only about recipes with an aesthetic creativeness, but also they go deep in the cooking research through the utilization of several techniques with Joselito’s Iberian pig products as the main ingredient. These are actual gastronomic jewels treated by a chef who comes from a family of culinary excellence and who has transformed the modest family restaurant of Padua into one of the best in the world.


Massimiliano explained that his intention was to “search, understand and feel the perception that these exceptional products are offering us” and he added that “it has been a really interesting incentive and a great challenge as a chef and Joselito enthusiast” the fact of “listening and travelling through what this unique ingredient wants to explain us”. These words have been transmitted through the creations for the Joselito LAB wep-app, which design has been awarded with a prestigious Laus prize 2014.


Alajmo receives now the baton of Ferran Adrià, the author jointly to his elBulli team of Joselito LAB’s first edition. This was a project of international vocation and informative nature related with Joselito’s Iberian pig in all its gastronomic aspects. Everything is conceptualized under the point of view of the best chefs in the world and it is available on ten languages and on a website, smartphone or tablet format.