Happy Pigs help you to be in good shape

Happy Pigs help you to be in good shape


Summer is the season in which we are most thankful to be feel good about our body: it is not only about showing it off but also to mainein it within the adequate weight due to high temperatures. Joselito Spanish ham, apart from providing a unmistakable flavor in order to enjoy during these sunny days, it also contains nutritional properties that help to be healthy. One of the most important nutrients provided by Joselito is the oleic acid, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and the same one that can be found in olive oil, for example.


Joselito Happy Pigs base their diet in acorn, which contains a high oleic acid percentage. This acid is naturally infiltrated in the pigs’ meat, which keeps its properties and transmits them to the consumer in a healthy way. Like this, the meat contributes to reduce our organism’s cholesterol level and the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases is diminished.


Actually, the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service from the University Hospital Carlos Haya from Málaga has published a study that assures that diets high in oleic acid help to maintain body’s weight. Additionally, it has been proven that diets high in protein also contribute to achieve such goal. Therefore, since Happy Pigs’ meat is rich in both nutrients, Joselito acorn-fed Spanish ham (http://www.joselito.com/  ) becomes the perfect ally when maintaining good and healthy figure.


Happy Pigs’ meat apart from providing healthy benefits such the ones we have already explained you, it also provides other advantages that help to slow down our body’ aging. Y si además su sabor es excepcional, la combinación ya es perfecta. If you want to learn more about these nutritional and healthy benefits, check out this link.