The advantages of seasonal products

The advantages of seasonal products


Autumn is coming and that means much more than the end of Summer: it brings us delicious things such as seasonal products. The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Maritime Affairs recommends to consume such products, since it is actually now when they have higher quality and more freshness.


Apart from enjoying their most intense flavor, savoring seasonal and proximity products allow us to save money, due to the fact they have been cultivated and raised close to us and during the natural growing time. By doing so, we make sure that the product we are consuming is genuinely fresh and we are contributing to the country’s internal production.


Iberian pig products also have their peak on Autumn, to be precise from October on, when montanera, the fattening time of Joselito pigs based on acorns, begins. Joselito’s has its own Iberian pig breeding farm, the Happy Joselito, base their diets on these fruits that grown from dehesa’s cork trees. Such fruits provide the pigs with unsurpassable organoleptic and healthy properties.


In Joselito’s, Joselito’s gastronomic space located in 5, Narváez Street (Madrid), we offer hot and cold tapas all year long, prepared with the best Joselito Iberian products selection.  But during the montanera period we also offer selected meat pieces, which collection is gathered under the name of “Joselito Nude”.  A selection of the best cuts, with exceptional pieces such as Iberian pluma, presa or cabezada.


In addition, Spanish Ham Joselito can be combined with several seasonal Autumn products, a combination that will lead to delicious results. Products like artichokes, mushrooms or the season vegetables are some of the ingredients that may be used to prepare delicious recipes with Joselito.  The seasonal products freshness plus the unmistakable Joselito ham flavor guarantee a new dimension to your dishes.