Back to school with a lot of energy

Back to school with a lot of energy


Routine comes back after Summer. Kids have their backpacks full ready going back to school and, for some of them, waking up can be something tremendously difficult after three holiday months.


Thus, the Spanish Paediatrics Association (AEP in Spanish) assures that the beginning of the classes is the perfect time for teaching several healthy habits to children, in order that they can assimilate it and apply them during all year long. By doing so, routine habits that help children to get adapted to the new schedule are assumed once again. Such habits help them to grow up in a healthy way.


Apart from activities such as regular physical activity and sleeping a minimum of 9 hours per day, AEP also defends that a good breakfast should be an essential meal before leaving home, in order to make sure that the 25% of daily calorie intake is consumed. A nutritional balanced breakfast should include dairy products, cereals and fruit. If a complete breakfast is not eaten, the child may show difficulties when trying to concentrate and, consequently, achieving a low physical and intellectual performance.


In order to guarantee that children have breakfast, we will make sure that they wake up on time: this meal does not require a lot of time, 15 minutes should be enough. In case they do not like some of the detailed foods, we will start by giving them the ones they like and we will gradually introduce the rest of them, by encouraging them to have a breakfast full of energy. Therefore, parents and childminders’ role is essential in order that kids get used to healthy habits and perform them in a natural way, as we have already explained you in a previous post. We, at Joselito, would like to encourage you to nutritiously teach your children, since it will not only be beneficial for their organism but it will also become a lovely time with family.