Texture defines food

Texture defines food


Just picture yourself in front of a plate of what seems an, apparently, potato mash. But when you taste it, it seems to have a saltier flavor than potato and a much thicker texture. You keep thinking just for some second until you reach the conclusion that that flavor recalls chicken. Yes, it is actually a cream made with this meat. But without the appropriate texture it is very difficult to identify food. A study develop by doctors of the North Carolina State University assures that texture is as important or even more as taste it is when trying to identify food. They performed and experiment in which they mashed several foods in order that the subjects could identify what the purée was made of: only a 40,7% named the right answer. In fact, food flavor is not enough to identify if it does not have in accordance with its texture.


The Molecular Biochemistry Spanish Society defends that the fact of eating is a multisensorial experience, that is, all the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) have an influence on it and condition the perception we might have about certain food. That is the reason why in Joselito take good care of each detail that involves ham, through each step of the production traditional process, since it affects its organoleptic properties, which are key to reach its unmistakable flavor.


However, food texture might mislead us. Another study, published by The Journal Of Consumer Research says that certain consumers consider that smooth and soft texture foods are the ones containing more calories, in comparison with the ones that have a tough and rough texture. This perception is because of “touch technology”, in this case at an oral stage. According to such concept, this effect is produced due to the following correlation: as few efforts are put on chewing and higher sensations in the brain triggered by food (usually, influenced by the fat amount), more caloric is food perceived, albeit that it is not the actual fact. 

In Joselito We are aware that all the senses are involved in the experience of taste is a gem of gastronomy as our Iberian ham. That's why we strive to make perfect production process , so that the best ham in the world is magnificent and a pleasure for whom enjoy.