Perfection in your plate

Perfection in your plate


Sizing 27 centimeters and 23 diameter centimeters, required for placing the food, with a bed of rice of 5 mm, another one of curry of 14 diameter centimeters. These are the literally perfect measurements that, according to physicists of Warwick University, should have a curry rice dish in order to fulfil the required measurements of the Golden Ratio, a mathematic ratio used in Ancient Greece for constructing big buildings, since it was considered the most symmetrical and ideal one. The study’s aim was to unveil the mechanism used for presenting the most visually and objectively pleasant dish.


Answering this discovery, scientists of Oxford University defend that it has been proven that the Golden Ratio does not justify what individuals consider harmoniously beautiful and that many other factors have an influence on such evaluation: the food cultural background, the diners’ hunger, the type of presentations that they have seen before and even their personality. In fact, expert of the University College of London assure that our aesthetic preferences are not established according to the Golden Ratio parameters and they principally depend on our personal taste. In addition, they say that the Golden Ratio does not have any empirical justification in terms of aesthetic preferences and its use it is mainly related to historical reasons.


We, at Joselito, believe that a Spanish ham must be served following several parameters in order to achieve a pleasant presentation and even enhance its flavors. Therefore, we should carve fine and almost translucent slices that combine the lean part and the fat part in order to enjoy Joselito’s oily characteristic. Despite they might not be directions depending on mathematical rules, the results will not be disappointing at all.