The best music for enjoying Joselito Ham

The best music for enjoying Joselito Ham


It's finally Friday! We can think of no better way to start the weekend than to go out and have a glass of wine with a good plate of Joselito Ham and good company. What's missing to make it a great afternoon? Music, of course. Especially music combined with an excellent Iberian ham like Joselito.


Researchers at Oxford University state that sound affects the taste of food. As they assure us, we will find a taste sweeter if the background music is composed of relatively high and slightly strident tones. In a similar way, musty accents increase if the melody has acute and strident tones.


The music volume is also a determining factor in the taste of a dish. In rooms where the sound volume is too high, the ability to perceive sweet or savory accents of a meal decreases. In fact, researchers at Purdue University note that music should be played at a volume between 62 and 67 decibels, which is the normal volume of the human voice and ideal for stimulating the other senses, and excessive noise should be avoided. That's why they recommend classical music as the best accompaniment for eating.


In the end, a quality dining experience is like a good concert: you enjoy the moment, and each one will be different from the previous one. For this reason, it is worth experimenting it with everything in our power to make it unique.


So, to enjoy Joselito ham, you should make a good musical selection. A high-quality ham such as Joselito should have a slight sweet taste, which indicates that the Iberian pig has been naturally fed on acorns.The healing process has also been key in this flavor , as they must carry careful control of the temperature and time of each phase of this process. According to expert opinion, the best ham in the world should be tasted with quiet classical music against a background that is not excessively sharp in order to enhance the sweet tone characteristic of Joselito. What do you think? What kind of music do you listen to as you enjoy your Joselito?