The importance of a good presentation

The importance of a good presentation


Dishes with a good presentation seem to have a better taste. This is the conclusion reached by University of Oxford scientists, who, via an experiment by which they presented food picturing great pieces of artistic geniuses, like Kandinsky, the abstract art originator, found out that diners considered much more tastier those dishes that the ones presented without any charm.


The fact of eating is an experience involving all senses, not only taste or smell. According to the English university scientists, all the information processed in a sensorial way influences the perception we have about a specific situation, in this case, the fact of eating, and ends influencing the sensation we feel; even despite reality might different from that sensation.


Psychology experts from the same university assure that half of the information that the brain processes in a sensorial way, even when we eat, comes from sight; the other half comes from the data gathered by the rest of senses. Therefore, according to these scientists, what we see has a bigger influence than what we eat or smell.


This study is actually providing a very valuable fact for restaurant owners: diners believe that a dished with a beautiful presentation has a superior quality, something that would lead the to pay even more than for another dish with a duller presentation. The old saying of “eating with your eyes” has finally acquired a literal meaning. Always look after your presentations. From Joselito are some tips for your dishes submissions leave no one indifferent