Joselito’s, the new generation of iberic ham

Joselito’s, the new generation of iberic ham


Madrid is the setting for the first Joselito’s, which combines the experience of a traditional charcuterie with an impeccable tasting bar, all with the seal of quality guaranteed by Joselito products. Located at number 5 on the central calle Narváez in Madrid, the locale provides customers with a great range of products and fully personalised service.

Managed by Jorge Dávila, the new premises feature a creative, innovative design created by the Julio Touza architecture firm, which has succeeded in transmitting all the sensibility and values that define a brand such as Joselito.

At Joselito’s you can enjoy the experience of hand-sliced Joselito Gran Reserva ham from different seasons, other traditional cured Joselito charcuterie specialities, cured ibérico ham sandwiches, hot tapas, fresh seasonal meat... the widest range of options for demanding palates, either to enjoy at the bar or to take home.

Featured products include the 2009 Joselito Gran Reserva ham, and the Joselito trilogy (a Vertical Tasting of ham from 2006, 2007 and 2009), as well as the traditional caña de lomo (cured pork loin), salchicón (cured sausage), chorizo (spicy sausage) and exclusive delicacies such as panceta (similar to bacon), coppa (cured shoulder in a salami style), papada (dewlap) and presa (shoulder).

As well as all these products, Joselito’s also serves hot food such as ham croquettes, ibérico loin, chorizo omelette (made to order), roast sweet red peppers with bacon, beautiful free-range eggs, potato dishes and ibérico consommé, as well as superb fried eggs with Joselito ham, among others.

With the onset of the slaughtering season, which takes place in the months of winter, Joselito’s will also be serving traditional dishes of the season, as well as more original offerings created by Ferran Adrià. This period , which coincides with the period of the open range , offers a particularly juicy pork . This feature is because what during this period and cork oak forests of the pasture offer a greater amount of acorns, so the pig increases the intake of this food. The result of this diet results in a unique organoleptic properties of meat .

Any time is a good time to head for this new locale, which is open 10 am to 10 pm, except for Sundays, when it closes at 4 pm.



c/ Narváez, 5  

Madrid (Spain) 

(+34) 91 575 10 80