Joselito and Alajmo reinvent the classics

Joselito and Alajmo reinvent the classics


At Joselito we have a commitment with excellence, which is a shared value with Massimiliano Alajmo. The chef awarded with three Michelin start features Joselito LAB’s second edition, which is a project that expects to delve into the cooking creation and research while using Joselito products as a base. In this sense, the Italian chef has specially created for this project 23 recipes that have the aim of studying the cooking of Iberian products, specifically of Joselito. All the genius of the great Italian genius cookers available in just a couple of clicks.


One of these recipes is the pea and Joselito Iberian ham sandwich, a dish that offers many nuances if we go beyond its classical version. Alajmo suggests baking a pea flour bread, which will provide the flavor of such legumes and seasoning it with a cream with a base of the same ingredient. By doing so, we obtain its flavor without modifying the overall dish texture. Cream is applied after having baked the bread and it is also served with burrata and extra virgin olive oil.


The Joselito acorn-fed ham cuts that are going to complete the reinvention of this classic should be slices. In order to provide the dish with oiliness, we recommend that the carving is done on the maza area, since it is the juiciest area and the one that provides a higher meat and fat infiltration amount. A high-quality ham such as Joselito should have a slight sweet taste, which indicates that the Iberian pig has been naturally fed on acorns. The healing process has also been key in this flavor, as they must carry careful control of the temperature and time of each phase of this process.


If you want to know and learn how to properly cut your Joselito ham to make the most of , see our manual cutting. All the details of such a surprising and delicious recipe can be found in Joselito LABs website.