Joselito Iberian ham keeps your mind sharp

Joselito Iberian ham keeps your mind sharp


It is said that a sharp mind requires training: techniques that improve memory, reading, writing, mental agility exercises… Just like a good training, it is also required a nutritional amount that corresponds to the expected aim; in this case, maintaining an agile brain. In this sense, there are components that can be naturally found in certain food that can contribute in this aspect.


Therefore, Omega 3 contains properties capable of blocking the free radicals damaging effects on brain, just as the Research Department of Human Nutrition of Tufts University (Boston) assures. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, Vitamin E is also another important nutrient that improves our brain capacity, since it also prevents cognitive decline.


Joselito Iberian ham, apart from providing an exceptional flavor, is actually rich in Omega 3 oleic acid. It is a 100% natural contribution, since the Joselito ham infiltration comes from Joselito’s Happy Pigs diets, which is based on acorns, a fruit rich in such oleic acid. This component, apart from slowing down our brain’s aging, also provides other benefits such as cardiovascular diseases prevention. Joselito acorn-fed Iberian ham also contains a vitamin E amount, which also comes from Joselito pigs’ diet. The effect that such vitamin has in our brain is the same one that has on the rest of our organism: it has an antioxidant feature that enables it to slow down body’s cellular wear down. In this sense, the contribution of iron Joselito ham also helps boost our immune system.


Joselito ham is not only a gastronomic jewel that provides a sublime gastronomic experience, but also helps to keep a sharp mind.