Joselito conquers Asia

Joselito conquers Asia


Iberian ham is undoubtedly the flagship of the "Spain" brand and is becoming more common throughout the world. Joselito was the first brand to start the exportation of this product to new markets , even before concepts like "globalization" or "internationalization" started to represent what they mean today.


Joselito is currently present in the best restaurants and gourmet shops in 55 countries worldwide, with transverse markets including Australia, Europe, America, and Asia. It is precisely in this last continent where Joselito has had a major expansion in recent years, with well-established markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand, as well as markets such as China, Singapore, and others that have more recently been developed.


Everyone's fascination after trying it leaves no place for doubt, however: in some countries, Iberian products are still completely unknown (as surprising as this may seem).  Joselito invests much effort and resources into making its products known, and describing a product that is the jewel of our cuisine, beyond our borders.


"Spain," the brand, exports annually about 43,000 tons of ham and all varieties of paletas, representing sales amounting to over €260 million. Only 10% of the cured Spanish ham is from Iberian pork, but it is this product that sets the standard and enhances the prestige of the country in foreign markets .


Joselito's expansion in China began a few years ago after overcoming numerous health inspections and thorough examinations by the Chinese authorities, who finally allowed the importation of our products into the Asian giant. The excellent response we have had, and the recognition from the best restaurants and chefs in the country, has been such that many people have started to mix Asian cuisine with the ham culture.


"The main obstacle for hams in China and in many Asian countries is the fact that there is not a consuming expectation and we are creating a market that does not exist, making them participants in our culture," said Jose Gomez, owner of Joselito.


Although China is a country where pork (of the indigenous breed) is a product highly valued by the people, the key to appreciating and understanding a high-quality product such as Joselito is to inform and educate the client well. We have teams and professionals in each country who are dedicated to training and outreach, and we also provide helpful tools of easy access such as our web pages  and, both translated into 10 languages​​, including Chinese and Japanese.


Furthermore, Joselito sends its products to these destinations by airplane inside an insulation container that protects its products from the cold cargo holds of the airplanes, which allows it to be isolated from moisture and light. This practice is essential in order to retain the ham’s essence and to arrive at the destination with the highest quality.


Joselito ham comes from pigs that are fed only acorns and that live free in the pastures of the southwestern peninsula, where they enjoy about three hectares of land per animal, which allows for a unique high-quality product that has no boundaries.