Awaiting Christmas

Awaiting Christmas


Christmas is coming and that means to enjoy delightful lunches and dinners with your family, friends and workmates.  Despite being nice moments, these meals are more filling than usual and, therefore, we might feel bloated. We thus need to be prepared for that.


In order to prevent our body from suffering from food excess, a balanced diet should be followed during the previous days of these festivities. The Spanish Ministry of Health recommends following on a daily basis a healthy, varied and balanced diet, which should be complemented with a work-out routine. By doing so, our health and wellbeing will be both improved.


In this sense, Mediterranean diet is one of the best nutritional patterns in order to achieve good state of body and mind. The authorities also recommend it as a proper lifestyle model, since it provides the nutritional diversity and equilibrium for our body. One of the main pillars of this diet is olive oil, which, from among many other qualities, can reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. Actually, this is a common feature with Joselito Iberian ham, as both of them contain monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, and also the so necessary Omega 3 oleic acid. Joselito ham possesses a series of dietary properties which help to maintain a healthy life and an appropriate diet. This invariably leads to a fine physical condition. 


In order to apply this nutritional mode, at Joselito we suggest you these delicious and healthy recipes created by Max Alajmo and Ferran Adrià specially for Joselito LAB. A salad with Joselito vinaigrette and some spaguetti with Joselito Pork Fat and Bloody Mary, with a side dish of comfit vegetables with Joselito, is a good combination from among all the possibilities that we provide you to follow a balanced diet during these days of cooking delirium. Have a look to all of the available recipes in our web-app!