Spending time in the kitchen with the little ones

Spending time in the kitchen with the little ones


Summer is undoubtedly children’s favorite season: they are not attending school, sun, beach… Who wouldn’t love a time like that? Many parents use these months to spend time with their kids and a nice way to do so would be teaching them a lesson that, at least right now, cannot be learnt in school: learning how to eat healthily and balanced.


The Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Science (SEDCA in Spanish) assures that the child’s family setting is key to guarantee healthy eating standards. From 12 months on, SEDCA recommends parents to lead by example and consume healthy food in front of the children and make to them to take part in this action, in order to prevent possible diet disorders. The Society also recommends establishing time and place eating routines and avoiding distractions in the table, like electronic devices or television: communication it is thus enhanced and parents will make sure that the child does not get distracted and he or she eventually eats much more or much less.


Therefore, the Spanish Primary Health Care Pediatrics Association points out that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most adequate for children’s feeding, since it includes an optimal vegetable and cereal amount, which is complemented by ideal poultry, fish and red meat portions. It also declares that the daily food intake should be divided up in 5 meals a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and light dinner); 5 fruit or vegetable portions should also be eating along the day.


We, at Joselito, take part in this eating education initiative with projects like Happy Joselito or Joselito LAB, where we develop tools and cooking training that will help us to follow healthy eating patterns. In addition, we do also promote jamón culture among youngsters and within the sport field, since Joselito ham has beneficial properties in order to follow a healthy and balanced diet.