The value of experience

The value of experience


In order to reach success you need to start at some point and, in many cases, inception is more difficult than expected. Some of the best chefs in the world are aware of such fact, as they explain in an article published by Fine Dinning Lovers in which they are asked about which advice would give to themselves if they started again.


The recognized Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio assures that patience is one of the values that should be adopted since the beginning. According to Acurio, it is a good foundation to learn and enrich experience, always showing a modest attitude. Conversely, the Swiss chef Andreas Caminada says that is really important that each chef finds his or her identity sign and personal touch when defining his or her type of kitchen. Paul Qui, a Philippine chef settled in the United States, defend that the chefs should show his or her style and create something different, which provides an added value of his or her personality.


We, at Joselito, have always insisted on promoting the work of young chefs who represent the future of the Spanish gastronomy. This is an aim that we want to reach through the Happy Joselito project, which wants to unveil the talent of young promises of our country. Mallorca, A Coruña or Barcelona are some of the cities that have already hosted this interesting challenge, where chefs reproduce a complete men with products of the Iberian Pig Joselito as a main ingredient. During 2014 and 2015, Happy Joselito will be held in different Spanish cities.


Additionally, Joselito LAB offers the expert advice of great gastronomic genius, such as Ferran Adrià or Massimiliano Alajmo. Both of them bring us several recipes and also Joselito’s products usage recommendations. This is an open knowledge to the world that reinforces our will of transforming experience into a shared value.