Joselito Iberian Ham with the Mediterranean diet

Joselito Iberian Ham with the Mediterranean diet


Many experts have already certified that Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. But a nourished group of researchers from different Spanish centers and universities have gone beyond that and have proved that olive oil, which has been considered one of the main pillars of this diet, is highly related with a notorious risk reduction of dying from a cardiovascular disease.


Such situation takes places due to percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids provided by the olive oil. These acids help to diminish the arterial pressure, just to mention one of its many benefits. Additionally, the vitamin E percentage that has the “liquid gold” gives to it antioxidant properties that may help to slow down our body’s ageing process.

Joselito Iberian Ham is another ally of our health. Its properties are really similar to the olive oil ones; such qualities transform it into another excellent contribution to the Mediterranean diet.


Similarly to olive oil, Joselito acorn-fed ham is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. These components are provided by the 100% natural diet of Joselito Happy Pigs, which is based on dehesa’s fresh herbs and acorns. These dry fruits have also a high content in Omega 3 oleic acid and vitamins B, D and iron. These components, apart from improving the immune system, also contribute to prevent the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases and slowing down body’s aging.


Joselito Iberian acorn-fed ham properties are naturally acquired, since there is no kind of additive or chemical substance in our production process. It is a complete traditional technique that we are carrying out since we started as a company a hundred years ago and that guarantees an unbeatable quality.