The brain understands what is natural

The brain understands what is natural


There is something that unites marketing professors worldwide: the worst cases of product innovation. The following case is one of the greatest hits. In the early 2000s, one of the internationally best-known sauce brands decided it would be a good idea to launch a product line based on ketchups of various colors, shying away from the traditional red, making a rainbow of sauces in which the consumer could choose from green ketchup to blue or purple. When the novelty passed and parents were screaming to the sky about the amount of dye that they were serving their children, the product was removed. In addition, the product was perceived to be very strange, even though it tasted exactly like the traditional ketchup.


Indeed, scientists at the University of Oxford, from the Cognitive Science Program at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and from the University of Trento say in a study that the color of food influences our perception of flavor. One of the reasons why this happens is because of the phenomenon called synesthesia, by which our senses work in unison and trigger associations in the brain from the information they collect.


At Joselito, we work to ensure that the enjoyment of our Iberian ham is a unique and natural experience for all the senses and that is why our products do not add any dyes, preservatives, or additives to the best ham in the world. It is a 100 % natural product, suitable even for people who are celiac and lactose intolerant. Joselito Iberian acorn ham especially has an exquisite and inherent aroma in its nature, which allows you to mingle and combine other delicacies prepared to satisfy the most demanding palates. Its exceptional organoleptic properties conferred upon it , precisely , natural diet you follow the Happy Pig Joselito 


So, last Tuesday in Barcelona, ​​Joselito and Dom Pérignon partnered to offer a Gastroexperience organized by Gourmet 's Club. A couple of gourmet products that are not only in constant innovation, but that together become a memorable dining experience. It is this mixture that allows the creation of unique recipes. In fact, Albert Oltra, chef of Can Piqué Restaurant and trained at elBulli, prepared live four recipes devised by Ferran Adrià especially for Joselito ham, seasoned with the best champagne in the world.