The most Iberian brunch

The most Iberian brunch


As time goes by, many brunch venues are mushrooming in Spain. A brunch is the meal eaten at midday and it is a combination between breakfast and lunch. Its origin is English but its reasons are varied: some assure that the brunch came from the hunger that British parishioners had after the previous fasting to Sunday’s mass. Such hunger was satisfied with a big feast at noon. On the other hand, the magazine Punch, on 1896, released an article in which it explained that the servants of the English high class took advantage of their day off (Sunday) in order to wake up later and enjoy of an abundant meal.


In any case, the brunch has become a ritual for many Spanish people, who perform it each weekend. The menu mixes pastries, sandwiches, cakes and appetizers, soups or main dishes, just to mention some dishes. Combinations are endless and, therefore, we, at Joselito, would like to suggest you a truly Iberian brunch. And the versatility of Joselito lets you combine perfectly with a multitude of recipes.


We would start with a melon explosion with Joselito cured ham and, right after, the breakfast part would take the lead with a pea and cured ham sandwich, cappuccino of chorizo Joselito and a polenta croquette with pork fat puree and onion with vinegar.


Some Joselito and eggs en cocotte, artichokes with quail eggs and Joselito and a Joselito Iberian pork sirloin would complete this Iberian 100% menu. The recipes of all these dishes were created by worldwide gastronomic masters such as Max Alajmo and Ferran Adrià and you can check them out on Joselito LAB.