Tips to enjoy a nice cookout

Tips to enjoy a nice cookout


Barbecues are a usual activity in this time of the year, hence it is recommended to follow several security advises concerning the environment and food hygiene.


When dealing with fire, the Spanish Consumer and User Organization recommends to keeping the barbecue far away from any flammable material; not to light it neither with alcohol or gasoline; keeping in mind to extinguish the fire when it is not useful anymore; and having with you a water or sand bucket, in order to use to suffocate the flames, if necessary. In terms of food hygiene, it is highly important to have your hands cleans and your cooking tools in perfect state; to use different plates and knifes when dealing with raw and cooked meat; and not to leave it at room temperature more than time than required.


These lasts recommendations are essential for our health: bacteria are given to reproduce and spread themselves with high temperatures. Therefore, poisonings triggered by food contamination are very common in Summer and even more if cooking is performed outdoors. In this sense, the United States Government has launched a website app that provides advice and notices the potential threats when treating, preparing and consuming food. It consists in introducing the type of food and its preparation, and the system provides the required indications to enjoy the meal safely.


We, at Joselito, we invite you to have a nice time outside, enjoying delicious dishes, just like the ones that can be cooked with Joselito’s fine meat pieces: secreto, presa, pluma ibérica or thin slices with our vacuum-packed Joselito ham.