How to be the best host on New Year’s Eve

How to be the best host on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is another of the great moments of Christmas. Hosting the dinner with friends or family is a common option. Therefore, the celebration can continue afterwards in another venue or club. If you are going to be the dinner host or hostess, designing a good planning of the potential guests’ needs and the timing is going to be key in order to have everything prepared. This will allow you to enjoy the beginning of the New Year as you truly deserve.


It is convenient to check that we have the proper dinnerware and cutlery for all the dishes we want to serve. Keep in mind that a nice presentation will also create an outstanding recipe. Likewise, counting with an oven that not only allows roasting but also that gives the possibility to heat up the dishes that we are going to serve during the night is going to be really helpful. In this case, it is recommended to have a kitchen thermometer for controlling food temperature.


Preparing nice appetizers, which we can actually prepare before the big night, is also advantageous in order to assuring your guests are having a good time while you are still finishing up things in the kitchen. The indisputable king during Christmas is Joselito ham, which you can prepare by presenting fine hand-carved slices, of 5 cm long. It is recommended to serve it at a room temperature (around 25ºC) and it can be dish out with bread, grissinis or some luxury chapata with spread tomato, oil and salt.


Another delicious and handy option is to prepare a tray with a selection of Joselito Iberian cold cuts, such as: lomo, chorizo, salchichón, coppa… These are the perfect allies in your kitchen when delivering a special night, which you are going to enjoy and savor as never before.


Happy New Year!