How to prepare the perfect dinner

How to prepare the perfect dinner


It is Saturday afternoon and your kitchen is too messy as you are really busy preparing tonight’s dinner. You want to blow your guests away and that everything turns out to be perfect. That is the reason why we are providing you with the following advices for becoming the ideal host.


For guaranteing success, Rochelle Bilow, gastronomic journalist and being licensed in Classic Culinary Arts by the French Cuisine Institute of Manhattan, explains that the safest option is to prepare dishes that is not the first time one’s cooking them, in order to avoid last-minute problems. She also recommends preparing all the details that should be done just before serving, like the salad’s dressing or the bread.


In terms of aesthetics, dishes presentation is also essential as well, as we have already explained you. But also in terms of effectiveness, since it may be practical serving food directly on individual dishes or perhaps doing so by allowing guests to serve themselves from a big platter. Taking this decision in advance will allow you to save time and inconveniences at the table.


An essential element that should at the dinner table is appetizers. Bilow advises to have prepared a small snack before serving the first dish, since this will avoid that your guests get nervous. By doing so, we make sure to have a nice atmosphere since the beginning of the meal.


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