How do smartphones influence your dining-out experience

How do smartphones influence your dining-out experience


While you are awaiting your order in the restaurant, you are sliding your finger on your smartphone’s screen checking out those amazing food pics, all of them gathered with the hashtag #foodporn on Instagram. When you eventually have your order in front of you and you eat your first bite, you feel disappointed. Perhaps the dish is not good? Absolutely not, it is only that the photography social network has played a trick on you.


It has been proven that looking at Instagram pictures before eating might your future meal less pleasant. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that gastronomic images supersaturation at which we are exposed to in this social network provides us the perception that we have already eaten that food, albeit we have not done so, actually.


Despite smartphones have eased many aspects of our daily life, they are facing certain complications in the restaurant business, at least at a priori stage. Apparently, the mere fact of having a smartphone on the table, even if one is not using it, might harm interpersonal relationships. Therefore, the experience in restaurants might be affected by such devices.


However, when technology is used for interacting in the restaurant’s routine enhances it: Stanford University experts carried out an experiment in which several clients of a coffee shop used their smartphone to check out the menu, place their order and being called when their order was ready. Clients and staff agree to consider as very positive the mobile usage for such aim.


We, at Joselito, like to use technology, especially when it brings us closer to the client and provides him or her useful information, just like the recipes and cooking techniques that can be found in the web app Joselito LAB, also available for smartphones and tables.