How to identify the best ham in the world

How to identify the best ham in the world


At Joselito we work hard to ensure all our hams are of supreme quality. That’s why we examine and run exhaustive controls on all our pieces to ensure we always produce the best ham in the world.


Identifying the best ibérico ham involves knowing how to appreciate certain aspects that should feature in hams of this kind. The calado is the key part of the process for judging these characteristics and the Maestro Jamonero or Ham Master is responsible for examining the hams at this stage, which marks the end of a long, slow curing process.


Give how difficult this part of the process is, there are those who look for alternatives to obtain more empirical results. Different models of electronic nose exist, for industrial use, which allow several hams to be checked at the same time. However, these devices can never replace the traditional way of doing it, using a technique that has been used for hundreds of years and which still involves a series of sensations that cannot really be achieved with a piece of electronic equipment.


And exploring using the cala allows any possible alterations and defects in the ham that not only can be perceived through smell . Therefore , with this traditional technique can detect the problem and quickly find a solution.


Joselito determines the excellence of an authentic acorn-fed ibérico ham by establishing factors such as texture, taste, smell and colour. Examining the exterior of the ham also helps to establish the quality of a piece, so the appearance needs to be checked (observing the unctuosity of the fat) and ensuring there are no anomalies.


Specialists use a series of parameters to analyse and grade these factors The grading is used to assess the quality of each piece. The parameters used are as follows:


-        Outer appearance: weight and fat

-        Interior appearance: colour of the meat and the fat

-        Distribution of meat and fat

-        Saltiness

-        Taste

-        Aroma

-        Texture

-        Persistence

-        General impression


Un Joselito ham is a guarantee of quality: the pig, what it eats, its habitat and the curing process ensure a premium product that is unique in the world. A delicacy that you can taste as an expert in your own home.