Fight stress in the kitchen

Fight stress in the kitchen


The busy daily life might make difficult to follow healthy eating patterns or even not to enjoy food: it has been proofed that stressed people have a modified perception when savouring salty and sweet tasting notes, something that keep them away of identifying flavours generated from salt and glucose.


Thus, this modification in flavour perception has an effect on the kitchen, since it is difficult to have a valid tasting sense when appraising the results. It is worthy, then, to try to follow a relaxed life style, not only for enjoying food to the fullest, but also to make all the other diners enjoying our recipes. Actually, a study of the University of Brussels says that cooking is a good way to satisfy others and even yourself. Consequently, food preparation has been proofed to be a good relaxing method.


In this sense, Alicia Bustos, graduated in Domestic Sciences at CEICID, explains that each meal should be considered as a little ritual to truly enjoy the experience, even if there is little time to do so. In order to achieve it, we recommend you to take advantage of your free time in order to organize the week’s menu. You will find many recipes in our LAB that you will find very useful when planning your menu. According to Bustos, grocery shopping in a relaxed way, without any time pressure, allows us to select good quality ingredients that we like, apart from choosing food from the different groups (proteins, carbohydrates, fat, dairy), which will guarantee a balanced diet. And in your shopping bag there should be some of our Joselito ham vacuum-packed, already sliced, in order to enjoy them at home, with the characteristic flavour and taste of Joselito, without any effort nor stress…