Each part of a Joselito ham is unique

Each part of a Joselito ham is unique


Joselito Spanish Ham is a gastronomic jewel that offers many possibilities. It not only helps us to prepare delicious and creative recipes, like the Joselito LAB ones, but it also becomes the perfect cooking ally since each piece is compound of several flavor and texture nuances.


Each part of Joselito acorn-fed Spanish ham has a different but excellent flavor and texture. Therefore, if we place the ham in the jamonero, with its hoof pointing upwards, the exposed part is the maza. This part is the juiciest, due to the high fat content in its meat. The fat transforms it into the part where the Iberian flavor of the ham considered being the best ham in the world is greatly noticeable: it is the component that absorbs best the healthy properties of the acorns eaten by Joselito pigs. This fruit is actually the main responsible of giving Joselito its unbeatable flavor. This part is perfect for performing a classic cut, thin slices with the expected size of a visit card, which should combine the lean part with the fatty one. The punta area, the opposite end to the hoof, is very oily, as well, and it has very similar features to the maza. We can also cook a tasty crispy Joselito, which has a surprising texture.


The codillo, which has a sweet and aromatic flavor, is the upper maza area and it can be carved in slices but also in cubes, in order to prepare and appetizer or just for cooking. In addition, the babilla, which is the opposite part of the maza and is the leanest, the most cured and the less oily area, is also very suitable for this kind of carving. Moreover, these parts also permit to carry out a julienne cut, in order to use Joselito ham as the perfect complement for soups and salads, as it adds the perfect Iberian touch.