Artificial intelligence in the kitchen

Artificial intelligence in the kitchen


Artificial intelligence comes into the kitchen, hand in hand with the website. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a website for cooking fans that is capable of learning the tastes and preferences of individual users, in addition to their food restrictions, in order to propose recipes adapted to the person requesting them.

Under the motto “Fill your fridge with good ideas”, the website searches thousands of recipes on the Internet, obtaining additional information, such as calorie counts or food intolerance, for each of the recipes. The website also uses social networks to find out what a user's tastes and contacts are, enabling it to propose group menus that all guests will like.

The website was created by the Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence Group of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, which already has extensive experience in the field of intelligent systems. Findings from research in the technology of agreements are applied in this project, including recommendation methods based on argumentation, semantic alignment techniques and case-based learning.

The page has been showcased as a solution for all people who don't know what to make for lunch. Thus, and on the occasion of Christmas, has provided a preview of the recommendation and recipe search service to the public.

To use, users only need to register for free and begin browsing. Proposed recipes can be rated and shared and users may even add their own versions, in addition to receiving completely personalized recommendations. Moreover, if users register with their Facebook accounts, they'll receive more personalized proposals as the website will have access to more knowledge about their tastes and their friends’.

Therefore, this is a very intuitive page, made up of six buttons to access recommendations, group menus, adapted menus, a user's usual shopping list, share recipes and a list of preferences for the person registered. This way, its creators guarantee that, the more you use the page, the better its recommendations will become.