Food that protects the environment

Food that protects the environment


Climate change is a fact  and year after year we are facing the  continuos and dangerous global warming. This reality is directly related to our impact on the environment. Thus, we can collaborate in order to stop such threat.  We can even do so by consciously selecting the food we are going to eat.


Moreover, the activist Anna Lappé released the book Diet for a Hot Planet, in which she provides several recommendations in order to consume and eat food in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.


Lappé recommends consuming organic products, since such products guarantee the sustainable ecosystem use while avoiding damaging the environment. Actually, Joselito was the first company of its sector at a global stage to receive the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) quality seal. Such seal guarantees our commitment with environment and our aim of plating 2.400.000 cork trees during the following 30 years. These trees are the source of Joselito’s Happy Pig food: acorns. There is a natural resource process that guarantees the product’s best quality. What’s more, Joselito pigs live freely in this Mediterranean forest and themselves look for their own food.


Another tip for achieving an environment improvement through our nourishing patterns is based on cutting back our processed food intake. These foods usually contain a high level of additives and preservatives, which creation process require atmosphere emission. Joselito Spanish ham is created by following a strictly natural production process, in which there is no intervention of any artificial substance.


By following these tips, apart from working on a planet’s improvement, you will also follow a healthier diet, chemical-substance free.