Seasonal food: the secrets of winter

Seasonal food: the secrets of winter


As we explained you at the beginning of autumn taking advantage of seasonal food permits us enjoying its organoleptic properties to the fullest, apart from saving money and preserving the environment.


In winter, the offer of seasonal products is still very varied, which allow us to make us of our creativity regarding our Christmas menus. Artichokes are one of the most common vegetables in December and, actually, Ferran Adrià prepared a delicious creation of artichokes with quail egg and Joselito for Joselitot LAB that makes a perfect appetizer. Another Adrià’s creation that is ideal for these meals, since it is light and will not make the guest feeling bloated, are the comfit vegetables with Joselito. We can perfectly use seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, broccoli, turnips, leeks, onions or carrots. All of them coated with the unmistakable Joselito flavor.


Despite its peak was in autumn, mushrooms are still a perfect resource to count with as a side dish. And adding them some small Joselito slices will provide an amazing result. It is clear that at Joselito we are strong supporter of innovation. Therefore, why not taking advantage of the recipe of cherries with Joselito butter and replace this fruit by another one typical of December, such as grapes?


And thanks to vacuum packaging system , Joselito Iberian products retain their smell, taste and texture to an optimal level properties, so its use is perfect in any season . 
A selection of Iberian as ham, pork , chorizo ​​, salami and coppa will undoubtedly a success as appetizer for your guests.