The diet to fight Post Vacation Syndrome stress

The diet to fight Post Vacation Syndrome stress


Despite experts are unable to reach an agreement about considering this syndrome as an actual disease, there are scientist who assure there are symptoms of physical and psychical damage caused by going back to work. Some of this syndrome’s signs are fatigue, sleep, sore muscles, lack of hunger, irritability, sadness or nervousness, as well as, apathy when it comes to work and lack of concentration.


People plan their life according to specific parameters that are repeated on a daily basis. This routine activity is assimilated through a mechanism considered as an inner clock that drives our motivations and actions, both of them required to overcome unexpected situations during our life.


A way to keep this inner clock, which helps us to react in front of any eventuality, properly balanced is trying to get back the routine that was lost during the relaxing day, in which schedules are much more lax and, therefore, our habits are broken. An effective way is to establish a meal schedule and not to change the food habits. Additionally, meals should be regarded as a work and daily life’s stress disconnection moment. In such way, our organism gets relaxed and it also assimilated again the daily professional and social mechanism.


In this way, nutrients such as antioxidants help to reinforce the immune system, something that helps to fight fatigue, as well. Joselito Spanish ham contains in a natural manner this type of nutrient, which can be found in each slice and in each bite. The acorn eaten by Happy Pigs has a high content in antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, these properties are transferred to Joselito ham’s meat and also to our health.


Take advantage of getting back to routine and also of the fact that kids are going back to school, in order to plan a proper diet and food intake of your family, with healthy patterns that will help, for sure, to have a better mood and more energy to cope with daily life challenges. We propose you some healthy and tasty ideas in our LAB, in order to make it easier for you.