Albert Adrià revolutionises Belgian cuisine

Albert Adrià revolutionises Belgian cuisine


Albert Adrià has combined his genius to that of renowned chef Rudy Van Beylen from the Hof ten Damme restaurant in Kallo, and to the Belgian pastry chef Dirk Peeters from the Didess patisserie, which produced quality sponges and biscuits. Together they have created a new line of food products branded as R&D Food Revolution, which is aimed at making gourmet cooking available to all consumers.

The idea of Beylen and Peeters was to take the flavours of Adrià to the kitchens of Belgium to create high-quality products at affordable prices. Albert Adrià states that “all our products in this line contain the ingredients I use in my dishes. So I’m taking el Bulli, Tickets or 41º to each amateur cook, catering company or restaurant owner in Belgium.”

For now the brand has presented four products. Tasty Bites are snacks of seaweed, octopus, starfish or wild mushrooms, seasoned with different spices. Sauces and mousses are included in the Sifón-Evolution line. This consists of a kind of spray that the container dispenses in the manner of a syphon.

The traditional cheese board takes on a different look with the new Cheese-Bread products. R&D Food Revolution has designed five types of artisanal breads which, although they can be combined with cured meats such as ibérico ham, perfectly match the five groups of cheeses (hard, soft, goat, sheep and blue). There is tomato and oregano bread, beer and whisky bread, apple and cinnamon bread, fennel and molasses bread, and walnut and port bread.

This line of products goes well with the Crispy-Foam sweet line. These are meringues with blackcurrant, beetroot, passion fruit, coffee and raspberry, with a light texture and design to be hollowed out and stuffed.

R&D Food Revolution
has launched in Belgium, but is highly likely that it will expand to other countries, although not with the same products, as each market has its own consumer preferences and should be given different options.

This isn’t the first time Albert Adrià has released a line of food products onto the market. He has previous experience with his brother, Ferran Adrià, with Texturas and Lyo·Sabores, and in 2009 he created the Travol line of sauces with the aim of using them in traditional recipes.