Season naturally

Season naturally


How many times have you added too much salt to your dishes when cooking? Such action does not only affect food flavor, but also it may become harmful for our health. Solution can be found, thus, in using properly this type of condiments in our diet.


A good alternative, which pleases either both our health and our palate, are spices. In this sense, David Haber, medicine teacher of the University of California, assures that dishes that are tastier are much more satisfying and, therefore, overeating is avoided.


Apart from being a really healthy and natural option, these seasonings offer a wide flavor variety by which we can create original dishes. Some of the recipes that the Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo has created for Joselito are a delicious sign of it, just like the Joselito risotto with lavender and melon a la saffron.

What’s more, Joselito Iberian ham can become a seasoning itself for your dishes. The white fat of Joselito ham, apart from providing an unmistakable flavor to your recipes, is good for you health, since it contains Omega 3 oleic acid and vitamin E. These components contribute to avoid cardiovascular diseases and take care of your health. The flavor of Joselito is due to the diet you follow the Happy Pig, which is based primarily on acorns from the pasture and other herbs found in the Mediterranean forest .

The Joselito pigs live in complete freedom for two years in the pasture, where they enjoy up to three hectares for each and where they can get to travel up to 10 miles a day to find their precious food . A perfect combination of diet and exercise that provides an Iberian ham is considered the best ham in the world. Each Joselito Vintage has a set of specific flavor and aroma properties different from the former one. Such qualities transform the different pieces into unique products. Each Joselito ham has a label with the vintage identification, in order to make easier for the client to note and evaluate each piece’s taste.