Joselito ham patties with lovage cream and asparagus

Joachim Wissler

Joselito ham patties with lovage cream and asparagus

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250 gr puff pastry rolled out to thickness of 5 mm


200 gr Joselito ham, aged 24 months


8 spears of green asparagus cooked firm to the bite


1 Joselito suckling pig belly, confite until soft


2 suckling pig ears, boiled until soft


100 ml ham juice jelly


80 gr lovage cream


80 gr sweet mustard cream,


1 pod mustard cress / chervil


1 table spoon violet mustard seed cooked in apple juice


10 iceberg lettuce leaves pressed out round (5cm in diameter)


4 small radishes


White balsam vinegar, grape seed oil 


Bake the pastry puff at 220ºC top and bottom heat until golden yellow and fluffy. Next cut at right angles at 3cm by 5 cm. Wrap the Joselito ham around the asparagus points and cut off the end pieces. Coat with ham jelly and chill.


Bake the suckling pig belly slowly on a teppanyaki grill dish at 160ºC with a little bit of pig fat until golden yellow and crispy Cut the belly at right angles to 3 x 4 cm and keep warm. Cut the ears in very fine strips of 4 cm in length and season with white balsam vinegar, salt, white pepper and grape seed oil and keep warm.


Arrange the lovage cream in small drops on this pastry and place small swigs of herbs on top. Place the asparagus-ham rolls on the herbs. 


Arrange the mustard cream in large drops on the iceberg lettuce valleys. Sprinkle the violet mustard seeds on top and place the crispy suckling pig belly bits on top of this. Place the pig ears strips and the mustard cress on top. Add the radishes.