Small cushion of Belon oyster, lomo purée and Oscietra caviar grains

Yanncik Alleno

Small cushion of Belon oyster, lomo purée and Oscietra caviar grains

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Warm starter

4 persons 

Sole Velouté

300g sole bone

30g   shallot

30g   onion

30g   leek, the white part

10g   button mushroom from Paris

80g   butter

100g Noilly Prat

500g mineral water

PM    garlic, thyme, white pepper

8g   cornflour

20g liquid cream 

3g   gelatine leaf

5g   Savora mustard 

10g lomo 

Small cushion of Belon oyster 000

4 pcs  Bellon oyster 000

8        slices of white bred sliced at 5mm

100g   softened butter 


Finish and assembly

80g   Oscietra caviar

100g softened butter 

Sole Velouté

Leave the gelatine leaves to soak in cold water, when they are softened remove the water.  
Mix the lomo to make a purée.

Cook the shallots, the onions, the mushrooms and the leek with butter, add the fish bones then deglaze with Noilly Prat. Reduce by half, add water and cook for 20 minutes. Let it rest and strain. 

Cook 100g of fish stock and add it cream, then thicken with cornflour. Remove from fire, blend the gelatine leaves and the Savora mustard as well as the lomo purée. Cover with film without leaving any space and store to cool.  

Small cushion of Belon oyster 000

Open the oysters, remove the nerve and set aside keeping them in their water. Slather some sole velouté in the inside of the bread slices, then place an oyster between two slices, in order to make a sandwich. Generously butter the outsides of the sandwich and put it between two square plates of 7x7cm. Put the small cushion and his mould on a vacuum bag and store in the fridge. 

Finish and assembly

Remove the small cushion from his mould and properly cut it in square. Brown it on both faces with clarified butter while controlling the temperature. 
Serve the small cushion on the center of a flat plate and put 20g of caviar on it.