Rustic egg & Joselito pancetta with truffles and fennel cream

Joachim Wissler

Rustic egg & Joselito pancetta with truffles and fennel cream

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8 free-range eggs, large variety “A”


16 thin slices Joselito pancetta on baking paper


100 gr fennel-parsley cream


1 bulb truffle, preferably white truffle


1 head of iceberg lettuce


250 ml white tomato sauce


50 ml tarragon vinegar


Salt, sugar, tabasco, cayenne pepper, guar gum


200 ml grape seed oil


20 pickled wild garlic buds


On the day before Cook the eggs in a convection oven at 65º C steam for 35 min and then cool them off in ice water. Keep the eggs in the refrigerator overnight. 


On the same day Cut the eggs lightly in the middle with a serrated knife and break them into two halves. Rinse off the very soft yolk with a part of the solidified egg white that adheres to the yolk in the palm of your hand in clear, still water. Fill a small coffee cup one-third of the way with grape seed oil and place each egg yolk into one cup. Cover the cups and bring them to the right temperature in the convection oven at 62º C.


Cut the iceberg lettuce in half and juice one half. Season the juice with vinegar, salt, sugar and tabasco. Thicken the juice to a cream with a little guar gum. Vacuum-store the second half with its juice in a bag. After 6 hours, open the bag and cut the pickled iceberg lettuce into 2.5 cm thick slices.  Pull out the small yellow heart segments, salt them and arrange them in frilly manner in deep plates. Place a little bit of fennel cream at mid plate and position the warmed egg on the fennel cream. Slice the truffle finely and place a segment on the egg. Pour on the foamy white tomato sauce and place the pancetta loosely on top. Place the wild garlic buds on top.